Introducing Zero-touch enrollment & Parallels Desktop

Chrome OS provides a better experience for your employees, with modern devices that don’t slow down…

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Four ways to deepen engagement with remote workers

Download the PDF, including: Make Video Conferencing easy with Video Chat Most companies use Video…

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6 Ways Connected Companies are Making Business Better

According to Forrester, there are six reasons connected companies perform better — and concrete actions…

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How Connected Companies Harness the Power of Culture

1. Poor culture fosters disconnection Every business leader would agree: A strong company culture is…

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How Connected Companies Solve the Communications Gap

1. Empowering open relationships Connected companies know that success is driven by relationships — inside…

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How Connected Companies Inspire Innovation and Collaboration

1. Reducing silos opens up innovation As companies become more digitally integrated, and new generations…

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The Netherlands’ third Google Workspace (G Suite) Developer Expert works at NextNovate

What can a GDE do? As a GDE you have a direct line with the developers of G Suite within the Google…

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Five Essential Principles To Drive Effective Digital Change

We can safely say the days the office was just a physical space to work from, are long gone. The world of…

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From WTF to Solid Business Model

Alongside our customers, we strive to create the perfect balance between people, processes and…

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NextNovate achieves ‘Work Transformation Enterprise’ specialization

Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise organizations require a tailored approach to Cloud tools because of…

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