Google to Google migration: Aasaanjobs case study

At NextNovate, we mostly do on-premese to Cloud migrations. Once in a while we also conduct a Google to…

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Introducing Zero-touch enrollment & Parallels Desktop

Google Chrome Enterprise has announced new solutions to accelerate the move to Chrome OS, including…

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Four ways to deepen engagement with remote workers

On this page we’ll look at some of the tools and features you can use to bring people together and deepen…

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6 Ways Connected Companies are Making Business Better

Connected Companies are more productive, profitable and innovative. We’ll provide you with 6 reasons why…

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How Connected Companies Harness the Power of Culture

Company culture is the secret to retention. And connected companies build it better.

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How Connected Companies Solve the Communications Gap

When your CEO rolls out a new objective on your company intranet, do you also have to send an email to make…

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How Connected Companies Inspire Innovation and Collaboration

The next big idea for your company is already in someone’s inbox. But can you connect to it?

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The Netherlands’ third Google Workspace (G Suite) Developer Expert works at NextNovate

In Europe there are only 10; within the Netherlands 3: Google Developer Experts - G Suite (GDE). NextNovate’s…

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Five Essential Principles To Drive Effective Digital Change

The key to an engaging digital work experience lies in being able to successfully drive digital change. We…

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From WTF to Solid Business Model

Why is this organization not organizing its work in a more efficient, smart, and connected way? Or at least…

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