We can safely say the days the office was just a physical space to work from, are long gone. The world of work has evolved and the lines between the physical world and the digital world have blurred and started to merge. Leading organizations embarked on a digital transformation journey to transform the employees' day-to-day work experience by creating a digital workplace: An engaging digital work experience that makes it easier for employees to communicate, connect and collaborate - supported by technology. The key to an engaging digital work experience lies in being able to successfully drive digital change. We have created a playbook to help you with that. We proudly present:


NextNovate’s Playbook To Drive Effective Digital Change: Five Essential Principles

Organizational analysis

Conduct an organizational analysis to understand the impact of the change on your organization, stakeholders, and employees. You could consider hosting different workshops (e.g. planning and deployment) to involve employees early-on in the process and generate buy-in.



Build a strong coalition - including leaders and employees - that goes to great lengths to embrace the change, showcase desired behaviors and lead by example. A change project more likely to be successful when the CEO communicates a compelling, high-level change story that everyone understands. This is what we call executive change sponsorship.


Employee accountability

Actively involve and educate employees on the need for change to empower them. Open up channels through which employees can share comments, ideas, suggestions, and feedback. In addition, you could recruit employees in the project as early adopters/ informal leaders to provide guidance on how to deal with the change, design new processes early-on and give tips on how to effectively work with the new technologies.



Build a strong, fun and engaging communication plan that uses a variety of media channels. Make sure to communicate about the reason for the change and focus on the benefits to the organization and employees as (groups of) individuals. Use the CEO or someone of authority as key communicators for important messages. In addition, consider branding your change initiative to help employees interpret the change in a more positive and fun way.


Reinforcing and sustaining change

Set up post-project teams to keep the project energy-flow going and keep offering communication and training activities. The more your organization invests in training, the greater the employee buy-in for the change. Also, don’t forget to celebrate successes in order to reinforce the change. This can be done by rewarding and recognizing people that are embracing the new ways of working for example. NextNovate’s playbook om digitale verandering te realiseren


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