In the last 15 years, the number of people working from home has risen by 140%. Technology has been a major driver of this trend. After all, it’s much easier to work from home when all you need is a mobile device. That’s certainly true with Workplace from Facebook, which combines instant messaging, video conferencing and company-wide updates to keep people connected when they’re working remotely. We compiled a PDF with four ways to deepen engagement with remote workers, and we'll show you some recent use cases.


Our Covid-19 group is the second most-followed group at WHO. It’s become our go-to channel for hosting daily press briefings, staff seminars and learning resources, while providing an open forum for staff to ask questions and receive instant feedback.

Carey Kyer Internal Communications Lead @ World Health Organization

Download the PDF, including:

  1. Make Video Conferencing easy with Video Chat Most companies use Video Conferencing, but still it isn't straightforward with external installers or mandatory browser plugins. How does Workplace solve this?

  2. Hold Virtual All-hands with Enterprise Live How do you get a seamless event experience working remote?

  3. Guarantee People see your updates with Mark as Important How does ‘Mark as Important’ work and what are the benefits?

  4. Find out how People are feeling with Insights At the office, it's easy to get a deeper level of understanding of communications. That doesn't mean there are no ways to get insight in how people feel online.